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About Byler Violins


When it comes to fine craftsmanship with wood, Edward Byler follows his heritage. His father worked as a carpenter and his grandfather worked in building furniture.  Edward grew up in the Missouri Ozarks in a close-knit family that enjoyed making music.  Being in the carpentry business with his father and brothers inspired him to build his own musical instruments.  As a teenager, he crafted a banjo, followed by a hammered dulcimer and then a guitar.  He took painting lessons and received training in art and sculpture by the late Dennis Anderson.

Edward Byler’s violin workshop is located in rural North Idaho, where he works full time building violins and violas.  When he is not carving, he is spending time with his lovely wife and five children.  He also raises sheep and enjoys driving his team of draft horses.


"I've attended violin-making workshops including the Oberlin Acoustics Workshop and am a member of the VSA. Foremost, my training in violin making has come from my friend and world-class violin maker Ryan Soltis. He has taught and critiqued me at each critical stage of making—from construction to varnish and tonal adjustments in setup. This has led to several top awards for tone and workmanship at the SVA and VMAAI. Though I build mostly del Gesu model violins, I have been recently making Amatis. I am truly passionate about building violins and meeting players who can present my work with their gift of playing!"

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